Institute for Science and Ethics (IWE)

The IWE is a central research unit of the University of Bonn. Core objective is to contribute to an ethical reflection of current developments in medicine, science, and technology in order to facilitate the responsible use of new potentials emerging in these fields of human activity.

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.
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CfA Senior Fellowship "Desirable Digitalisation"

Start: August/September 2022
Duration: 2.5 years, extendable once
Application deadline: July 31 2022

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Throwback: Bonn Sustainable AI Lab goes to Ghana!

In May 2022 the Bonn Sustainable AI Lab team travelled to Accra, Ghana, for the workshop “Sustainable AI Across Borders,” which was jointly organised by the lab and the Department of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Ghana, Legon.

“The purpose of this trip was to strengthen the partnership that we have, to share research ideas and to plan for fruitful collaborations in the future,” says Prof. Dr Aimee van Wynsberghe, the lab’s director.

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Call for papers
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Call for Papers

for the
Bonn Sustainable AI conference 2023: "Sustainable AI Across Borders"

Deadline for abstract submission: January 15th 2023
Conference: June 5th to 7th 2023

Voicing Borders - Install Shot 1
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ArtScience Residency – Irakli Sabekia
Artist talk at Foyer of Deutsche Telekom

Speaker: Irakli Sabekia (Artist), Prof. Dr. Aimee van Wynsberghe (Sustainable AI Lab, University Bonn), Antje Hundhausen (Vice President Brand Experience, Deutsche Telekom)

Moderator: Laura Welzenbach (Head of Ars Electronica Export)

A video of the talk from June 9th, 2022 can be found here.

ArtScience Residency 2022 - The winners

“My team at the Bonn Sustainable AI Lab and I are incredibly excited to collaborate with Špela Petrič and Irakli Sabekia, two exceptional artists with fascinating project ideas. Their proposals deal with two very different but equally pressing and relevant topics – the usage of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector and the Russian occupation of territories in Georgia. They are concerned with the wider issues of global injustice and power and making the hidden visible, which is a strong connection to the research happening at the Bonn Sustainable AI Lab. Bringing art, science and ethics together is one of our lab’s key goals, so I look forward to many inspiring encounters and exchanges between our lab team and the artists.”
(Prof. Dr. Aimee van Wynsberghe, March 2022)
Aimee van Wynsberghe
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Alexander von Humboldt Professorship for Artificial Intelligence 2021

Aimee van Wynsberghe is the Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Sustainable AI Conference 2021
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Launch of the Bonn Sustainable AI Lab

The Sustainable AI Lab is a space for excellent researchers from different fields to work, collaborate, and brainstorm about the environmental, social, and economic costs of designing, developing, and using AI across society.

A short clip of the lab launch is available on YouTube.

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.
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Researching Ethical AI

Stiftung Mercator awards €3.8 Million to the Universities of Bonn and Cambridge
Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming society as algorithms increasingly impact access to jobs and insurance, justice, medical treatments, as well as our daily interactions with friends and family. As these technologies race ahead, we are starting to see unintended social consequences: algorithms that promote everything from racial bias in healthcare to the misinformation eroding faith in democracies. To ensure AI supports core human values, the German philanthropic foundation Stiftung Mercator has awarded a €3.8 million grant to a collaboration between the Universities of Bonn and Cambridge.

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Interviews, panels and podcasts with Aimee van Wynsberghe

"AI And Ethics: Can Machines Learn Morality?" (February, 8th 2022)

"KI ist in Kulturen verwurzelt / AI is rooted in cultures" (February, 8th 2022)

Partnership UNFCCC

The Sustainable AI Lab is partnering with the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to raise awareness on the topic of Sustainable AI

The corona crisis

Newspaper and radio contributions from Prof. Dr. Bert Heinrichs

Sustainable AI Conference


The University of Bonn launched the world's first International conference on the topic of "Sustainable AI" in June 2021.

The whole conference is now available on YouTube.

Data Pollution & Power
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Data Pollution & Power - Initiative

The Data Pollution & Power (DPP) Initiative explores the power dynamics that shape the data pollution of AI across the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We examine the data of AI as a human and natural resource in data eco-systems of power and consider actions and governance approaches that are intrinsically interrelated in systems of power and interests. The initiative is led by the independent senior researcher Gry Hasselbalch.
It is set up at the Bonn University’s Institute for Science and Ethics’ Sustainable AI Lab.

Call for Papers

Special Issue 2022

This Special Issue is designed to think about the sustainability of AI and aims at sparking discussion on the environmental, social and economic costs of designing, developing and using AI across society.

AI research at the IWE

Aimee van Wynsberghe
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Aimee van Wynsberghe has been chosen for Humboldt professorship „Applied Ethics of Artificial Intelligence“.


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