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Gene Technology and Human Dignity

  • Hoeffe_und_Andere_GentechnikAuthors:
    Otfried Höffe, Ludger Honnefelder, Josef Isensee, Paul Kirchhof


  • Titel:
    Gene Technology and Human Dignity. 
    On the Borders of Ethics and Law


  • DuMont Buchverlag
    24,0 x 16,5 cm, 120 pages, 1st ed. 2002.
    Paperback, € 14,90/sFr. 27,80
    ISBN 3-8321-6008-6


  • Abstract:
    Where are the ethical and legal borders to be drawn concerning genetic diagnosis preceding the implantation of a human embryo, the gaining of stem cells from so-called spare embryos or the making or cloning of a human embryo for purposes of research?
    Apparently, our quest for responsible solutions to these problems has confronted us with basic questions in an utterly new way: What does the concept of human dignity mean and what is its contribution to the debate?
    What is the moral status of the artificially generated embryo? What is the precise connection between the protection of life and scientific freedom, between genetic diagnosis or genetic intervention and human rights, and what are the implications for forthcoming political decisions?

    In this volume four well-known representatives of constitutional law and philosophical ethics make their contributions to an inquiry where the points of reference at the borderline between law and ethics lie and which criteria are to be taken into account within the public debate on the necessary legal solutions. 
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