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drze-Scopenote: Enhancement

  • drze_Sachstandsbericht_EnhancementAuthors:
    Michael Fuchs, Dirk Lanzerath, Ingo Hillebrand, Thomas Runkel, Magdalena Balcerak, Barbara Schmitz


  • Titel:
    drze-Scopenote: Enhancement. The ethical debate on biomedical enhancement of man



  • Abstract:
    The idea of transgressing natural boundaries, of overcoming the determinations of one's nature and of becoming more and more perfect is as old as mankind. The development of medicine and the life sciences has led to the increased availability of biomedical technologies and methods which may contribute to this end. In the bioethical debate improving interventions into human nature that neither aim at the cure of disease nor are otherwise medically indicated are called enhancements. At present the contentious issue to what extent such measures surpassing the cure and prevention of disease are justifiable is made subject of discussion in different areas of practice. On the basis of selected examples (genetic interventions, growth hormone therapy in pediatrics, use of psychotropic compounds as life-style-drugs, cosmetic surgery, doping) the present scopenote gives insight in to the current bioethical debate of the topic.
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