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Disease and Medical Practice

  • Lanzerath_Krankheit_HandelnAuthor:
    Dirk Lanzerath


  • Titel:
    Disease and Medical Practice.
    The Function of the Concept of Disease in Medical Ethics


  • Verlag Karl Alber (Series Praktische Philosophie, Vol. 66),
    Freiburg i.Br., Munich2000.
    15,0 x 22,0 cm, 328 pages, 2000.
    Hardback, € 35,-/sFr 65,-
    ISBN 3-495-47921-X


  • Abstract:
    Contemporary medicine has opened up possibilities that are causing moral concerns. This situation calls for a renewed look at the concept of disease/illness and the way in which that concept guides our actions. Reconstructing the concept of disease/illness within the context of nature, society and subject reveals its relationship to other key concepts such as health, quality of life, and disability.
    Such a reconstruction also yields an integration of its different aspects and relationships into the unity of a concept of judgment of practical reason. Thus the concept of disease/illness grasps being ill as a way of being human; in other words: a person's communicating his or her condition is an essential and constitutive element of his or her disease/illness. Contrary to a reductionist view of the physician as a technician, in this theory the physician is seen as one who provides hermeneutic as well as therapeutic support for the sick person's efforts of self-interpretation. 
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