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Dimensions of Personhood: Genome and Brain.

  • Huebner_Dimensionen_der_PersonAuthor:
    Dietmar Hübner (Hg.)


  • Titel:

    Dimensions of Personhood:
    Genome and Brain


  • mentis Verlag
    Paderborn 2006.
    386 pages | paperback
    EUR 39,80 | sFr 64
    ISBN: 3-89785-476-7


  • Abstract: 
    Controversies raised by recent genetic and neuroscientific research refer to the interpretation of results as well as to the evaluation of medical and biotechnological options. In both cases, the concept of personhood is central: For it is the human person whose comprehension as a subject of consciousness and responsibility might be altered by the new knowledge. And it is the human person whose protection as a subject of dignity must be safeguarded in performing research and treatment.

    How are the characteristics of personhood, reason and responsibility, adequately understood in the light of current genetic and neuroscientific insights? And how, conversely, can genetic and neuroscientific action correspond to a reflected idea of human personhood?

    Contributions to the volume address these questions from the relevant normative and descriptive perspectives, bringing together approaches from philosophy, theology, medicine, biology, psychology, law and the history of science. They cover specific components of personhood, such as memory, emotion, sexuality or intelligence, as well as fundamental issues of the mind-brain-relation, freedom of the will and responsibility.
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