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Decision and History

  • Huebner_Entscheidung_und_GeschichteAuthor:
    Dietmar Hübner


  • Titel:
    Decision and History.
    Rational Principles, Narrative Structures and a Dispute in Environmental Ethics


  • Verlag Karl Alber (Series Symposion, Vol. 116)
    Freiburg i.Br., Munich 2001.
    13,9 x 21,4 cm, 700 pages, 2001.
    Hardback, € 51,-/sFr 87,-
    ISBN 3-495-48043-9


  • Abstract:
    Decision theory and the philosophy of history conceptualize human action quite differently: the former establishes highly formal models of rational choice, whereas the latter deals with the narrative presentation of the past. The seeming incompatibility of both perspectives has led to a conflict within the current debate on environmental ethics. And yet, there are surprising points of contact between both disciplines.

    The author develops an original model of rational behaviour and shows how the structures of this model reappear within the theory of narration. In accordance to this conception decision theory and the philosophy of history are to be understood as complementary perspectives on human action which in the ethical context lead to the interdependent standpoints of prescriptive and ascriptive ethics.
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