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Annual Journal for Science and Ethics

Jahrbuch_kleinThe IWE publishes the «Jahrbuch für Wissenschaft und Ethik» [Annual Journal of Science and Ethics] which is dedicated to current debates in the Ethics of Biomedicine and Science. The Annual Journal contains original papers, reports on projects and meetings as well as opinions, declarations and guidelines of various national and international organisations concerning the ethical and legal aspects of Biomedicine and Science.

Until now 22 volumes of the Journal have been published: Volume 1 in 1996, edited by Carl Friedrich Gethmann and Ludger Honnefelder, Volumes 2 - 9 in 1997 - 2004 respectively, edited by Ludger Honnefelder and Christian Streffer, Volumes 10 - 17 (2005 - 2012) were edited by Ludger Honnefelder and Dieter Sturma, Volumes 18 - 20 (2013 - 2015),  edited by Ludger Honnefelder, Dieter Sturma and Michael Fuchs, and Volume 21 and 22 (2016/2017), edited by Dieter Sturma, Bert Heinrichs and Ludger Honnefelder. Volume 23 is in preparation for 2018. The tables of contents of the volumes completed so far are available in German.


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